Faith Marone


~ Shows I will be attending this year.

• Wekfest NJ - Aug 26th 

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Miami - Aug 16th/19th

Cars of Friday Night - Slammed Rides & Water Slides; Montage Mountain Water Park; PA - Sept 1st

 Elite Tuner; Las Vegas - Sept 8th

SlammedEnuff; Austin; TX - Sept 16th

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SlammedEnuff; Gatlinburg TN - Sept 29-30

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First Class Fitment - Cambergang Booth; Date TBA

Elite Tuner - Six Flags; SoCal - Nov 17th

Elite Tuner; Peoria; Arizona - Dec 1st

I only attend shows I am booked for , If you'd like me to attend a certain show please contact me!

Please book at least 2/3 Months in advance for events and shows.

Please provide Event/Show name and location, as well as hours of operation. 

Please specify why you want me to attend/why you are booking me for this show/event and what is expected/what you will be asking of me being there.


Contact Email: